Our First VoteScout Project!

Who’ll be filling these seats? (technically nobody, because this chamber is closed for renovation)

Hi everyone! If you’ve stumbled across us, we’re VoteScout – a new project to provide free election journalism and ratings, so that you can easily find out what’s going on in your local race, or one that interests you.

Our first project is the 2019 Canadian Federal Election. We plan to rate and evaluate every riding, both to provide an overview of each race to read – and to also provide a projection in time for the election. In addition, we will be sharing our thoughts on some of the most interesting events of the campaign, and reviewing our ratings in light of new developments.

Beyond the election, we’re looking at other upcoming elections, including the next UK General Election, but for now, we’ll hope you join us for the 2019 Canadian Election!

Sam Beesley – Lead Author

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